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ST Update Time...

Reaching out to update everyone. Spring has a couple of months to run and is my favorite time of year. Technique, tactics, psychology and physical development are always present in our curriculum, however different seasons draw our attention to stressing different aspects or trainables, as I like to call them.

Winter is very much about winning and leans heavily on tactics and the mental aspects of the sport as the underpinning pillars. Spring is very much about technique and physical development and one may make significant improvements during this quarter of a year. Additionally, for those looking to push ahead and either catch up to those above them on the rankings, or even distance themselves from "the pack", Spring is a time when many put their rackets down, giving you that possibility for advancement if you are one of those who maintain a weekly training commitment.

I bring this up at a time when I'm making you aware of our Squash Tigers Summer, so we don't lose focus. Summer planning is important and I appreciate families are busy… but the start of the 2023/24 season will be here lamentably soon and sometimes the work we put in during Spring, when others rest, may be the difference between that win or that loss, that breakthrough or maintaining the status quo. You’ll find links to our summer programming below, and I’m more than happy to assist you in planning a productive Summer, but let’s not forget that we’re not even half way through Spring and there’s a lot of work to get done to get where we want to go…!

On the link below you’ll find enough information to keep you up to date and as always, you may email me via or call me directly via (609) 906 4271 should you wish to talk anything through.


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