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Saturday Reminder and Quick Starter Package

Saturday Reminder and Quick Starter Package

  1. A reminder that we have only one Squad tomorrow at 3pm and one Performance at 2pm to accommodate our Rehearsal Tournament

  2. Our first Rehearsal Tournament of the season kicks off tomorrow at 10:00am and we'll have finished up by 1:00pm. Entries are closed, but you can still sign up for our waitlist in case of players needing to withdraw

  3. Our new LEARN-TO-PLAY STARTER PACKS have just been released - perfect to pass onto friends and family who may have children looking for that first step!

Finally, that standard reminder that I have allocated time in my week to talk squash with anyone, member or not, and offer advice on training, tournament selection or any of the myriad questions that pop up for parents. Always happy to talk squash!

See everyone at training!



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