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Remote Tournament Coaching!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Remote Tournament Coaching is perhaps the "most 2022 thing ever"!

Remote Coaching is our SQUASHTIGERS term for providing coaching for tournament players without traveling to the event. We use FaceTime or Zoom to view the matches and then speak to the players before matches, between games and after matches. We guide and mentor the players to achieve their best performances during matches and learn from their experiences subsequently.

Our coaches prefer to speak briefly to players after they have done their general warmup and before they go on court for the specific warmup. We appreciate there may not always be time, but that is ideal. Similarly, a brief chat post game, whether win, lost or draw is ideal to assist players in preparing for their next match, or to aid reflection post event.

You can always assume that coaches will follow the event online, have some knowledge of opponents and place in the draw. Players and parents texting about delays or details such as fatigue or nerves is always welcome.

The technology component is a simple one.

  1. We will give you a zoom link, or in other cases when we Facetime, our preferred SQUASHTIGERS phone is (609) 906-4271

  2. Confirm your preferred cell # pre event please

  3. Ensure that the player has a set of headphones to be able to interact with the coach confidentially

  4. Always good to check cell reception / wifi strength in advance!

Please speak with the coaches directly about cost and availability. Additionally please be aware that slots can fill up fast. We’ll be providing this service for the upcoming Golds and Silvers through the month of April.


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