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All TIGERSQUADS are run on a meritocratic basis. Each player competes daily to earn their place on courts 1 through 7 - learning to harness their energy, regulate their emotions and fully understand competitive situations. These experiences ensure our players are well prepared when they come to the US Squash Junior Tour.

TIGERSQUADS always begin with warmups, matchplay and gameplan rehearsal - which we refer to as THE SORT. All aspects of the beginning of each squad mirror the physical and mental requirements to be a highly ranked competitor on the US Squash Junior Tour.

The TIGER model runs a curriculum based on the principles of periodization. Depending upon the time of year and competitive priorities we then delve into skill based activities, situational play and physical training. We recognize the need for balance in student athletes daily schedule and strive to make each minute count, with each SQUAD meticulously planned with technical, tactical, mental and physical goals prominently featured.

Physical training and testing underpins the TIGER model. Our TIGERmetrics System is a modern fitness testing protocol for squash players. All squad members will be periodically physically evaluated and measured against age group norms.

TIGER SQUAD members will be tested for explosiveness, flexibility and endurance.

PERFORMANCE PROGRAM members will be subject to additional testing, which adds dimensions such as agility, reaction speed, core strength, grip strength, upper body strength and height monitoring.

After producing 15 US #1’s, both male and female and across all ten age groups, our coaches have decades of empirical data on elite American junior squash players to compare your child’s capacity. Players are compared to norms for age and stage of development, allowing coaches to devise individualized programs to make winners.

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