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June Rehearsal Tournament

Last one, great one, maybe even best one! That was the story of our final Rehearsal Tournament of the 2023/2024 season!

The Rehearsal Tournament Series was a tremendous success and gave us Ten Tournaments over Ten months with over 1,000 matches contested. If you’re feeling all nostalgic, feel free to check out our event reports in the blog, certainly some great memories to look back on!

Our final event saw Parth waltz away with the Premier Division title, his first RT trophy! Parth defeated Arman in a semi and Eric in the final with the clean, sharp squash expected of a young man who aged out of the U17’s only recently at #3 in the country! The only slight downside of the day was Jamie being forced to withdraw with a back spasm. Jamie contests the US Nationals on Tuesday in Philadelphia, so all our best wishes on a hasty recovery. Closing out a solid Premier Division was Edward defeating our favorite Mercersburg player for fifth place and the ever improving Ayona beating out Kaylee for 7th. Kaylee always looks class, and this event was no exception.

D1 was filled with studs and eventually Jayden took the title from Julian. Jayden recovered from his qualifying loss to Kaylee to take out Ethan, Neil and eventually Julian in the final. A good reward for some hard work in the Performance Program of late. Closing out the division was summer visitor Raymondo, who came out on top of Jesse, Ethan and Ansh. A solid crew if there ever was one!

D2 saw Jonah take the trophy over Dennis in the final with Revant defeating Yaseen for the third place medal. Jonah is improving all the time and Revant showing consistent gains in his games in preparation for his freshman year at MB.

D3 saw our Northern NJ visitor Sara recover from her qualifying loss to Revant to win three subsequent matches and take the title. In second place was little leftie, Riyanshi, our most improved GU11 of late. She was followed by Audrina, Kaileen and the youngster of the division, Evan, competing for all his worth at the tail end of the field. Well done everyone!

The Rehearsal Tournament Tour will take on a different feel next season! With Squash Tigers Philadelphia opening in July, we intend on splitting the events between each club, with kickoff in September in Philly and October returning to Princeton. Stay tuned for dates and details as we look forward to pushing forward the levels of access and excellence for all players in the area.

Meanwhile, Summer Camps continue apace at the club. A reminder that we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment as July and August are shaping up as being full capacity.

Summer is truly a special time at Squash Tigers, look forward to seeing everyone at the club soon.


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