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Happy Holidays and a couple of reminders

Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope you are enjoying some quality family time. At the half way point of our inaugural season, I have a big "thank you" to the players, families and coaches who have made the last few months so memorable on and off the court. It truly is a special community here at Squash Tigers and it's been a blessing to watch its evolution. I can't wait for the second half of the season and the opportunities it presents for our players.

Several "must remember" points below and as always you can email me with questions or pick up the phone and talk to me via (609) 906 4271.

3 Things to know:

  1. Winter Camp continues and you can access the changed schedule HERE. Free to members, but we'll also allow drop in players in keeping with the Festive Spirit - details on link!

  2. We will be offering Zoom Coaching for the Stamford Gold next weekend - as it is the New Year weekend, it would be helpful if you could confirm your interest ASAP for planning purposes. Our usual Tournament Coaching details are here, which will remain the same all season.

  3. Finally, well done to all who contested the USJO last weekend, it was truly the high point of the year in many ways and you can read the highlights on the BLOG - spectacular work!

Happy Holidays to everyone and we'll see you at the club soon! Paul and the team


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