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Food for thought... Meditation

Meditation is one of those subjects that I am aware of, but far from an expert in… It is the subject of a whole different blog, but that’s very much what one expects from a coach i.e. an expert in the sport specific milieu, but with a broad, although definitely not deep, knowledge of a great many!

Back to the subject, as digression is another common theme amongst coaches, mediation is a terrific tool for any athlete, especially a squashie. I was reading a Canadian blog recently that spoke about the key five benefits of meditation for an athlete in their experience:

1. Enhances Focus 2. Helps Athletes Cope with Pain 3. Improves Sleep Patterns 4. Boosts the Immune System 5. Reduces Stress

Now, keeping in mind the strong belief we have at Squash Tigers in the five trainables, psychology is pivotal and certainly meditation is part of the mental skill set that advanced athletes should be looking for… have a read of the blog, refresh yourself on the five trainables, and we’ll have a little more next week on the “how to meditate” end of town next week.

See you at training!


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