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December kickoff approaches!

Thanks to the hard work of the all our dedicated crew, we're getting closer and closer to Opening Day! Off court, the carpets go in today with locker rooms have already been floored. Glass court walls are up and looking magnificent, with floors on site and ready for installation.

Glass courts have always been fantastic to play on - who doesn't like to be on a well constructed and brightly lit show court! You have two to choose from at SQUASHTIGERS.

In addition to the enjoyment, the Specter Center build, which contains two glass courts, as well as much of the college world which has long had three and four wall glass courts, means that we will see a critical number of the most important matches played by all junior players on glass for many, many years. The glass courts at the Specter Center are likely to host a majority of the junior championship. There is no better way to prepare for that eventuality except by hitting on similar courts in a training environment!

If you're not already following through social media, we can be found @squashtigers and it's an ideal way of getting a day by day countdown to our Opening Day! Similarly if you have questions, or would simply like to get an idea of operations, you can contact us directly via or give us a call on (609) 906-4271.


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