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Cognitive Bias Mini-Blog #6 - "not invented here"

"Not invented here" or (NIH) is the tendency to avoid using or purchasing products or knowledge from external agents. There has been a great deal of research done on this particular bias, which frequently infects corporate businesses. In a squash specific context, this may be seen in terms of modern developments in any of the five trainables. Imagine for example we read research of more efficient methods to develop cardiovascular development, but because it's from another country and "that's not how it's done here", we may intend to dismiss it. Further we may look at another sport, such as tennis, with some transferrable mental skills, for example "pre-rally rituals", but because it's "not what we do", we may elect to shut it out. TAKE HOME THOUGHT Let's be open. Open to new thoughts, methods and voices, regardless of their origin. Now, we can take that too far, I do mean be open to experts, not random fans, or perhaps those with limited experience. Similarly, one week from Nationals, let's not suddenly reinvent our pre-match preparation, but, within reason, let's be open to new ideas, methodologies and even equipment. See y'all on the courts.

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