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Baltimore Gold - Tiger Reportage

18 members of the Squash Tigers team made their way down to the third and final Gold of September held this past weekend in the glorious city of Baltimore. Baltimore has seldom been confused with Paris, but is quite nice around the harbor, so kudos to those families dedicated enough to make the trek down south on what was a cloudy, rainy weekend. The catchily titled DS Gold was held in three venues, only one of which made it to the third day due to extenuating circumstances and attracted strong draws and players from all across the country - so, again, never a dull moment in Baltimore.

Headlining for Tigers, as they frequently are, were Alex and Eric. Alex was heroic in making the final of the BU19, never not impressive for a 15 year old, and defeated strong competition while playing skillfully in his usual indefatigable fashion. Eric, for his behalf, DOMINATED the BU15, winning his second straight Gold in what will probably be his last Gold before aging up next month - a big Philly JCT performance beckons for both.

Semi finalists abounded, with Katherine showing the fruits of her recent hard work in making the semi-finals of the GU11, as did Arman in the BU17 and Chloe in the GU13. Chloe in particular was a standout, for the second weekend in a row! Congratulations Miss, she has been quite the giant-killer of late and an improved work ethic has born out results.

Other notables included Frances, who made a quarter of the GU17, Anika 9th in the GU19, and Evan who overcame a challenging start to finish 5th in the BU11. In addition, there was much to be proud of throughout the draws and notable victories throughout, Tony and Ronnie in the BU11 - Leo and Jayden in the BU13, Sriya in the GU13, Meredith playing up in the GU15, Jonathan, everyone’s favorite 11 y.o. Eric in the BU15 and Angela in the GU17’s starting to make inroads.

Our focus turns to several different events coming up. Our Rehearsal Tournaments return next Saturday, the PDS Silver runs and for our elite, there are two weeks of intense preparation for the Philly JCT. The weather is cooling, however the squash season is certainly hotting up and our Tigers are metaphorically shooting the lights out! Congratulations to the Baltimore crew, and we’ll see everyone at training this week!


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