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Are we there yet?

Everyone must have either uttered the immortal phrase "are we there yet"... or at least had a member of the family make the inquiry at some point. Regarding SQUASHTIGERS the answer is still "not yet"... but soon, very, very soon!

In concrete terms we have the place almost ready to go and those who are following us on any or all social media via @SQUASHTIGERS will know it looks a million dollars at the moment. Carpets are in, bathrooms fresh and new, walls are painted, glass courts assembled, lined and shining. The final piece of the puzzle from the construction standpoint, some glass for the back walls, is arriving imminently. We are also requesting Plainsboro Township for a final inspection. The township has been remarkably supportive of our initiative throughout the planning and construction process - we truly thank them for all the expedited permits and working with us to get to this stage!

Now, while we patiently await this last aspect, there are a few things everyone can do to "get into the spirit". We have been updating the website with details on programming and methodology, together with a fresh set of FAQ's and that hopefully provides a solid picture of how things will progress. Similarly we have a lot of new content on all social media platforms, with a good grasp of what the facility looks like on Instagram and Facebook. Our YOUTUBE station gives some different perspectives, including our "Explainer Series", which adds a little more depth to programming and our "No Foolish Squash Questions", which gives some coaches insight into the nuances of the sport.

So although we're not quite there... at least you and the kids have a guaranteed Holiday Season Gift... and that'll be the gift of squash and some great training. In the meantime, good luck to those participating in the US Open and please reach out to me via with questions. Stay tuned, we're almost there!


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