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SQUAD Membership for Under-11

Our SQUAD Program is the cornerstone of SQUASHTIGERS.


SQUADS offer over 25 hours of instruction and rigorous training per week, encompassing technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of squash. SQUAD training is targeted at players who wish to compete successfully at US Squash ranking junior tournaments. For our U/11 (before the child's 11th birthday), we have a discounted U/11 SQUAD MEMBERSHIP that includes all the privileges of the SQUAD membership. 

SQUADS typically target one focus area per week. As such, over the season, SQUADs establish a curriculum, rotating through those focus areas thereby giving opportunity to rehearse those focus areas multiple times through the season. 

The SQUAD membership gives the child unlimited access to all SQUADS during the week. Please consult the weekly schedule for SQUAD timings. Note that booking is required before attending a SQUAD.

In addition to participating in SQUADS, members may, at an extra cost, take lessons and avail of a discounted 10-lesson card. Please refer to our lesson page for more details. For those participating in accredited US Squash tournaments, we offer tournament coaching to guide and advise the player through their matches. Please refer to our tournament coaching page for more details. 

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