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Tiger Tally: Mid-January Rankings Roundup

New Year and a new ranking checking.


21 Squash Tigers in the top 32 of their respective age groups!  Congratulations everyone!


Kicking off with the youngest of the crew U11 sees Yiden at #9, Katherine at #11, Evan at #22 and Tony at #30.  All of this four are making huge advances each month and we look forward to welcoming some of their training buddies into the top 32 bucket soon!

Similarly, U13 has Meredith at #5, Eric at 9, Mimi at #21 and Chloe at #22.  Hard to believe that Eric has just turned 12 and Mimi and Chloe are battling out their down year - big things ahead for them all.

BU15 sees perennial #1 standout JJ in at #3 currently and Jonathan, one of our greatest improvers, coming at a career high #24.  Of note is that Jonathan’s rating has moved from 4.16 to 4.85 in under a year… most impressive!  GU15 has Erika at #14 coming back strongly from injury and Madeleine making her top 32 debut at U15, coming in #31.

The powerhouse boys at U17 make enjoyable reading, with Colten #6, Parth #8 and Alex #11 - what a great crew of young men!  Shoutout to Eric who is up to #44 having just aged up and will be back to our JCT crew soon!  Recognition also to our sole BU19, (in the top 32 that is...) Sean, who comes in at 31 and continues to improve in his senior year!

Just as impressive are our GU17, with Reghan ranked #2 and Isabella #1 followed by Claire at #6 and Lily #21.  Shoutout especially to Reghan, undefeated in GU17 JCT play despite playing up and a quarter finalist in the British Open GU15 - what a season she is having and a suitable leader of this hard working quartet!  Similarly we have our notional girls captain the ever diligent Maryam up to her highest U19 ranking at #16 and looking to finish her junior career on a high.  


As I like to reiterate, Squash is not just about rankings, every player is on their own journey. That being said, it’s always good to recognize effort, it’s always positive to recognize achievement, and well done to our top 32 Tigers - with many more to join them in the coming months!


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