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The 3 Pillars

SQUASHTIGERS methodology has three pillars:

  • Long Term Player Development (LTPD)

  • Annual Periodization and

  • The Five Trainables

These pillars form the basis for much of modern coaching and ensure our players receive the best possible opportunity to achieve their potential and their goals in the sport.

Long Term Player Development or LTPD speaks to the intelligent programming of a player’s training based upon their age and stage of development - simply put, 10 year olds shouldn’t do the same training that 16 year olds do.

Annual Periodization refers to paying appropriate attention to the time of year and the competitive or training priorities - we don’t train the same in summer as the week before Nationals.

The Five Trainables are all about the various physical and mental competencies required to be developed in order for a squash player to achieve their potential in the sport.

Traditionally all of these pillars support progress in a normative and chronological fashion over time, however the coaches are very aware of individual differences.


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