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What a weekend it was...

Back at the ranch, we celebrated Parth's U17th Birthday! Parth finally aged up after a stellar season that saw him achieve a top 10 ranking. Icing on the cake was his tremendous run in the PCC Gold the previous weekend where he made the final via a sensational 2/0 down recovery, beating a player rated 0.46 above him. As a principle, we don't have down years at SQUASHTIGERS and a big summer of work beckons to make sure next season is next level!

The Buffalo Gold was contested at two venues. Well done to our intrepid crew, Tyler, Edward, Lily, Mimi, Kayla and Angela did us proud. I had a busy weekend, remote coaching via Zoom and FaceTime, and finished with square eyes wondering how kids play video games for multiple hours! On a serious note however, well done to everyone on an outstanding weekend of work - lots of winning and lots of learning.

In Philly, the Bronze Nationals were conducted at the salubrious National Centre. Congratulations to Will on making the final of the BU17! Will went in as the #2 seed and acquitted himself well to win four matches and make the Championship match - a daunting task and one that anyone would be proud of managing! Additionally, and slightly out of left field, congratulations also to Alex and Claire on being finalists in the National Doubles U17 Championship. Candidly, we're not that much of a dubs program, but great to see the guys out there, outside their comfort zone and having a fun weekend! Well done.

At the club, we have a big week ahead of us... The theme of the week centers around "the DROP", so look for lots of repetitions on the technique and tactical implications of everyone's favorite short ball. Additionally for the Performance Program crew, it's the first week of the month and fitness testing time ;). Always great to gauge our improvements in cardio, agility, strength and flexibility... so make sure to arrive at training all ready to go!

See you all at the club soon!

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