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SQUASHTIGERS helps produce the next generation of junior athletes who go on to play varsity squash at major US colleges. We run high level training opportunities seven days a week from September through May and equip players to achieve their competitive squash goals. During June through August, we run our summer camps comprising of summer camps.


Fundamentally, the cornerstone of SQUASHTIGERS is our SQUAD Programs. A Squad Member has access to over 25 hours of group coaching per week which brings players through a progressive technical, tactical, physical and psychological curriculum. Our Performance Program is additional programming and our most aspiring players currently competing at Gold or JCT levels who want to accelerate their performance development. Under the direct tutelage of our Director, the program is the "next level" in training and incorporates high level methodology, coaching through identified US Squash Tournaments, personal mentoring, performance benchmarking, and more. We offer lessons, tournament coaching, and conduct in-house tournaments for performance benchmarking and match practice.

To discuss your child's suitability for any of these programs, please reach out to or call the club via (609) 906 4271.

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