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It was a Memorable Memorial Day Long Weekend with training running as scheduled at the club and solid crews of players in Washington, contesting the Squash on Fire Junior Gold, in New York, contesting the Street Squash Silver and our lone star in Northern NJ at the Chatham Bronze.

Standouts in DC were Erika, Madeleine and Jonathan. Erika won the GU17 and dominated a very solid field. Madeleine (GU15) and Jonathan (BU15) both made finals, continuing on great runs so far this year, with Madeleine already having won the Buffalo Gold recently, and Jonathan the Main Line Gold last month. What a Spring they are having! Shoutouts to Tony on his third place (BU11), Meredith on her GU15 semi, Chloe on her 5th place in the GU13 and Leo on his BU13 6th place.

In New York we had Allen win the BU15 and Jesse win the BU13! Legends! Notable also were 3rd place finishes from Dhruv (BU17) and Siddhi (GU15) with Julian making a quarter of the BU15. All are showing the result of their hard work in squads and deserve their successes!

At the Chatham our lone star was Kaileen, achieving her first US Squash event trophy and coming second in the GU11! Congratulations everyone, the weekend brought a big smile to the whole Squash Tiger team!


A framework in this context is a a structured system that helps organize and interpret information or solve problems. It can help people think more critically, make better decisions, and approach complex problems with more confidence and clarity.

Our SQUASHTIGER top 3 are:

  1. The 5 Trainables

  2. Periodization

  3. Long Term Player Development

I would like to stress that there are variety of ways to conceptualize athletic development, and I abhor slavishly following any didactic imposition of paradigms. What I do appreciate in frameworks is that they give us an opportunity to share a common paradigm in order to assess and present future plans. To view the breakdown on our 5 Trainables, use this link.

As always, if the content provokes questions, please either drop me a note or arrange to meet up. I'm always happy to talk squash with SQUASHTIGER members or just highly motivated players and parents from anywhere. Additionally, keep an eye out for our breakdowns on Periodization and LTPD coming out soon.

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